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Visit the Basque Country "north side" DURING YOUR HOLIDAYS IN SAINT-JEAN-DE-LUZ!

The Northern Basque Country is the part located in France. It is made up of 3 provinces: Labourd, Basse-Navarre and Soule. They’re part of the Pyrenées-Atlantique département.

Below you will find a description of the most beautiful traditional towns and villages of Iparralde (Northern Basque Country) :

Cities :

Biarritz (Miarritze) :

A simple fishing village turned imperial city under Napoleon III, Biarritz then became a “royal” city and a favourite destination for European aristocracy. There are lots of activities to enjoy in this charming and unique city.

More information on : www.tourisme.biarritz.fr/

Anglet (Angelu) :

Located between Biarritz and Bayonne, this town has a high quality of life and offers a wide range of different leisure activities.

More information on : www.anglet-tourisme.com/

Bayonne (Baiona) :

Economic capital of the Basque country, Bayonne is a dynamic city with a multitude of activities on offer.

More information on : www.bayonne-tourisme.com/

Hendaye (Hendaia) :

Hendaye is built on the banks of the bay of Txingudi, which opens out at the mouth of the river Bidasoa (which forms the border between France and Spain).

Life in the town is focussed around the coast and the beautiful beach.

More information on : www.hendaye-tourisme.fr/

The villages :

Aïnhoa (Aïnhoa) : classified as one of the “most beautiful villages in France”.

Situated on one of the roads to Santiago de Compostela, Aïnhoa will instil feelings of peace and serenity as you soak up its authentic atmosphere.

More information on : www.ainhoa-tourisme.com/

Ascain (Azkaine) :

Although close to Saint-Jean-de-Luz and the ocean, the atmosphere in Ascain is very different. It is a charming Basque village and is typical of the hinterland with its beautiful houses built around the square and fronton. Ascain is nestled at the foot of the famous Pic de la Rhune.

More information on : www.terreetcotebasques.com/sommaire/ascain/

Bidart (Bidarte) :

Another village that is typical of the Basque coast. Explore its very pleasant central square, fronton, church, town hall and red and white Labourdine houses. Bidart was once a whaling port.

More information on : www.bidarttourisme.com/

Cambo-les-Bains (Kanbo) :

Cambo-les-Bains is a spa resort located in the Nive valley at the foot of the Basque Pyrenees. It’s a flowery and pleasant place to walk from the hill of the Bergerie to the banks of the river.

More information on : www.cambolesbains.com/

Ciboure (Ziburu) :

Adjacent to the famous town of Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Ciboure was a fishing port. The village offers beautiful walks in its small streets or along the quays which are lined with many restaurants and artists’ studios.

More information on : www.ciboure.fr/

Espelette (Ezpeleta) :

At the foot of the Pyrenees and 20 minutes from the Basque coast and the ocean, Espelette is famous for its chilli pepper. There isn’t a façade that doesn’t display a string of these bright red peppers!

With its extensive floral displays, the village exudes a rather festive atmosphere.

More information on : www.espelette.fr/

Guéthary (Getaria) :

Guéthary is a former tuna and whale fishing port. In spite of its proximity of the large seaside towns of the Basque coast, it has remained a peaceful place, perfect for exploring on foot from the top to the small port which shelters a few boats.

More information on : www.guethary.fr/

Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port (Donibane-Garazi) :

Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port is a fortified medieval city which protected the passage to Spain via the Roncesvalles pass.

It is one of the most famous stages along the Way of St. James, and the St. James Gate has always been passed through by many pilgrims.

More information on : www.saintjeanpieddeport-paysbasque-tourisme.com/

Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle (Senpere) :

Close to the ocean, at the foot of the Pyrenees and its forests, Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle is a very lively village.

More information on : www.saint-pee-sur-nivelle.com/

Sare (Sara) : classified among the “most beautiful villages in France”.

At the foot of the Rhune mountain (and its exceptional panorama), Sare is well worth the detour. With its magnificent old residences and a beautiful church, an atmosphere of authenticity and a bygone era envelops the village.

More information on : www.sare.fr/

Souraïde (Zuraide) :

Close to Espelette, a few minutes from Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Souraïde is a small pastoral village in the hinterland.

Nature surrounds you here in a hilly landscape where the white dots of flocks of sheep stand out.

More information on : www.espelette.fr/

Ustaritz (Uztaritze) :

Ustaritz is located in the Nive valley a few kilometres from Bayonne and Biarritz. The village has beautiful monuments dating from its historical role as the capital of the Basque province of Labourd.

More information on : www.ustaritz.fr/

Urrugne (Urruña) :

Urrugne, a small village in Labourd, is located between the ocean and the end of the Pyrenees mountains, close to Spain and Saint-Jean-de-Luz. It is a typical village with some beautiful sites.

More information on : www.urrugne-tourisme.com/

Mauléon (Maule) :

Mauléon, an ancient feudal city, is the capital of the Soule. It is a village rich in tradition and oriented towards agriculture and industry.

More information on : www.soule-paysbasque.com/

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